How Orthodontic Treatment Works:

Once you have chosen, your orthodontist and he/she and you have decided on a treatment plan, the rest of the considerations concern the amount of care a patient uses while in their braces. Living with braces can be different from life before them but the reward of a straight smile make them well worth it.

Some things to keep in mind:

• Keep your teeth clean: It’s not going to do your smile much good to have straight teeth if they are stained or your have cavities due to lack of care. If you didn’t have the habit before braces, then it’s time to form the ‘brush after every meal’ habit. This will keep your teeth and braces nice and clean.
• Wear your appliances: If your treatment calls for rubber bands or any other appliances other than the braces themselves, wearing them will help your treatment progress faster. This is especially true in the case of Invisalign braces, since they are removable but will only straighten your teeth if worn as prescribed.
• Keep your appointments: Making sure you keep your orthodontist appointment will help your treatment progress according to schedule. Your appointments are also a way for your orthodontist to spot any problem that might lengthen your treatment and make adjustments to get your treatment back on track.

Making the decision to get orthodontic treatment is a big one but one that few people every have any reason to regret. The momentary discomfort as soon as the patient looks in the mirror at their beautiful new smile. IF your smile is not what you want, then make the decision today to find an orthodontist and begin treatment today. In a shorter time than you can imagine, you will have a smile that you would be proud to show the world.