Premium Orthodontics Services:

Most people, especially adults, when they think about orthodontist treatment, they picture a mouth full of metal brackets, rubber bands popping off at the worst possible second or headgear. However this is more the media’s interpretation of the teeth straightening process that our current reality. Here are the current braces types on the market offered by top doctors like Dr Tyler Robison.
• Metal braces are the traditional braces and they lead the market in durability. They also get called into service on especially difficult cases when other types of braces aren’t strong enough to move the teeth.
• Ceramic or clear braces are a popular choice for teens and adults alike since they are more discreet and show less on the teeth than metal braces. However, these types of braces are also more delicate and require the patient to observe the usual caution in braces wearing more diligently.
• Self-Ligating braces are for patients that are concerned that their braces might be too uncomfortable. Self-Ligating braces have sliding brackets which many patients not only find more comfortable but they can result in a faster treatment and less trips to the orthodontist office.
• Invisalign is the latest entry into the teeth straightening market and the reception as well as the results has been favorable. Invisalign are removable braces that look more like the old-fashioned retainers that people used to use once treatment was finished to make sure that the teeth stayed in their new positions.